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Welcome! If you landed here, you may have just finished the 21 Day Journey or still be working through the program. The All Parts Of Me Course is an advanced program that digs into "parts work" and is a wonderful extension to build techniques to use in your life.

This course offers 7 self-guided online modules and 2X weekly group Zoom meetings to acquaint you with all of the parts of you that influence your daily experiences, triggers and freeze responses.

Registration for All Parts of Me (May  2022) course has been closed. Please join the Interest List for the next time. Thank you! 

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Imagine if you could...

- Learn how to identify the most important parts of you; the ones that affect your thoughts and behaviors all throughout the day?

- Develop a set of tools to help you recognize which parts of you are engaged in any given situation?

- Know when one part of you is opposing another, and how to adapt?

- Use a specific technique that teaches you how to communicate with each part of you?

- Become friends with your inner critic?

- Get to know your "protector parts" and limit their impact?

- Feel secure and resilient?

- Combine every part of you to function as a team that pulls the same direction?

An Exclusive Opportunity to Meet with Dr. Aimie LIVE on Zoom 2x a Week* PLUS 7 Pre-Recorded Online Modules!


This course is for you if...

- You want to take your somatic practice and trauma work to the next level.

- You realize the value of doing things gently and at a pace that feels safe and your body is ready for.

- You have a foundational skill set with a somatic practice and know how to recognize which state of the nervous system you are in.

- You still experience emotional states (freeze or stress) or are engaging in behaviors and coping mechanisms that you don't want to be doing anymore, and are interested in changing that to have a better tomorrow.

- You want to have the structure, roadmap and support for continuing the effective body-based (Somatic) work you’ve started.

- You are ready to effectively rewire your nervous systems to stay consistently in the parasympathetic state.

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What Past Students Say...

"I am so glad I took the All Parts Of Me Course....I walked away with a technique that I can use for the rest my life...I loved learning from Dr. Aimie her teaching style is warm and supportive, she takes things one step at a time which made it feel very doable... We did not have to share our personal experiences or "stories" during the course which made it feel very safe to me! It is important to note: to truly get the full benefit from this course you need to have a solid understanding of the somatic experience."

- Previous student of "All Parts Of Me" Course

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"All Parts Of Me"

 The Seven Modules in the All Parts Of Me Course Come Together to Create a Powerful Combination of Insight and Action.

The Next All Parts Of Me Course Coming In May 2022!


7 Pre-Recorded Online Modules and Twice-Weekly Live Zoom Meetings With Dr. Aimie

  • Course dates: May 2nd - May 27th, 2022
  • 7 video-based modules with application exercises
  • Twice-weekly Zoom meetings with Dr. Aimie that combine teaching and sharing*
  • Connection with a community of somatic experiencing students
  • Ongoing access to the modules after the course ends
  • Continued access to course-related Zoom recordings
  • Bonus Videos such as Real Life Example Using Parts, How To Make Decisions, Working With The Angry Part
  • An opportunity to embrace a whole new level of awareness that differs from the skills learned in the 21 Day Journey! 

*Weekly meetings only run for the duration of the program during dates and times listed below.

Meet with Dr. Aimie 2x a week!

LIVE Zoom Meeting Schedule

This course starts on Monday, May 2, 2022!

  • Tuesday, May 3 @ 5:30pm PST
  • Friday, May 6 @ 8am PST
  • Tuesday, May 10 @ 5:30pm PST
  • Friday, May 13 @ 8am PST
  • Tuesday, May 17 @ 2pm PST
  • Friday, May 20 @ 8am PST
  • Tuesday, May 24 @ 2pm PST
  • Friday, May 27 @ 8am PST

Don't worry...If you are unable to attend any of the LIVE meetings, a recorded replay will be provided!

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What You Will Learn In The Parts Work Course

- Dr. Aimie will walk you through a discovery process using somatic skills to acquaint you with all of the Parts of you that influence your daily experiences, triggers and freeze responses.

 - How to level-up your somatic work in a powerful way!

 - Accelerate your personal growth and healing by working with all Parts of you. 

 - Learn to communicate and negotiate with your Parts.  

- Stop the inner tension and back-and-forth when deciding what you want to do!

- Become a more powerful and authentic presence in your own life.


The 4 Basic Parts of Us 

Here we learn the process for identifying the 4 basic parts of ourselves, integrating the somatic experiencing tools we acquired in the 21 Day Journey or the Shift to Calm Aliveness course. 



Identifying and Working With Opposing Parts

We each have parts that want different things...perhaps even opposite things! This can feel like an internal battle.  Let's get curious and explore some of these opposing parts!



Steps and Principles To Communicate With The Parts

Opening the channels of communication with your individual parts is a key tool you will learn in this module.  You will use this skill for the rest of your life!



Acquainting Ourselves With Our Inner Critic

Here we get acquainted with the part of us that can criticize us...the one we hear fussing at us in our heads!  It's time to get to know this sometimes challenging part a bit.



Hello To Our (Misunderstood) Protectors!

Our "protector parts" are here to help us, but boy, can they make a mess of things in the process!  This is why they are often highly misunderstood.  Let's understand them a bit better.



Finding Peace With Our Young and Insecure Part

We have a part that is young and insecure, and it can be a main driver in our lives.  Coming to peace with this part will allow us to support it better and help us move forward in life.



Creating A Cohesive Team To Move Forward

Our parts may have created an inner war at times, each wanting their own way, but it doesn't have to be like that!  Time to create a team of parts that works together!


Your Biology of Trauma™ & Somatic Coach, Dr. Aimie Apigian

Dr. Aimie is a double Board-Certified medical physician who specializes in trauma, attachment, addictions and addressing trauma on a cellular level. She earned her medical degree at Loma Linda University and has a Masters in Biochemistry as well as a Masters in Public Health. She trained for three years as a general surgeon before changing her career path.

Dr. Aimie adopted a son from the foster care system and then discovered that her own attachment and trauma issues were the root causes of her own health  issues. These experiences motivated her to bring trauma into her medical work, and now functional medicine into trauma work.

In addition to her medical studies, Dr. Aimie has studied with and participated in Dr. Allan Schore’s Attachment Regulation Theory Study Group. She is a highly-trained somatic experiencing practitioner, trained in NeuroAffective Touch™, Internal Family Systems (Parts Work) and the Instinctual Trauma Response Model™. She continues to attend advanced trainings in Somatic Experiencing™ with Dr. Peter Levine and acts as an editor for Somatic Experiencing International.

In 2011, Dr. Aimie founded a non-profit, Family Challenge Camps, a 3-day intensive for families raising children affected by attachment or trauma issues.

She is the founder and CEO of Trauma Healing Accelerated, LLC, whose mission is to bring the knowledge and implementation of biology of trauma into every medical, therapy and educational system in the world by 2041.  

In addition to her online courses and programs for individuals and profesionals, Dr. Aimie currently still runs an addiction medical detox unit in Southern California.  

She maintains a small concierge medical practice that focuses on bio-optimization of the nervous system by using cutting edge functional medicine and bio-hacking approaches and treatments. These are the very methods that after doing the groundwork, she has used to personally achieve a level of capacity, resilience, and health she never knew was possible.

Dr. Aimie loves helping people experience a transformation on their own healing  journey!  She guides them through the groundwork that she had to learn the hard way so they too can experience a level of health, presence and aliveness in their life they didn't know was possible.  

She is not one to sit back and talk about problems.  She is a solution-focused action taker, always looking for ways to improve current methods and accelerate our healing  journeys towards our best health and our best selves.

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Medical Disclosure: The information and programs presented on or through this website are made available to equip you with knowledge and tools.  All the programs on this website are educational and self-guided or coach-directed programs.  This information nor these programs are (nor are a substitute for) medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  For any physical or mental health issues, I recommend you work with a qualified health provider who will also support your desire to address the effects of trauma.