Brain Chemistry & Brain Inflammation Module
Brain Chemistry & Brain Inflammation Module

The Immune System Sits Right At The Center Of A Biology Of Trauma™


Tens of millions of people are affected by more than 100 types of autoimmune diseases. The vast majority of people suffer from fatigue related to autoimmunity.

When you look at it from a lens of a Biology of Trauma™, this makes perfect sense! With the current deluge of autoimmune disease today, so many people are looking for help that allopathic medicine can’t give them.

You can be the practitioner/provider that finally has the knowledge and language on how to properly address and inform your clients or patients on these issues from the lens of a Biology of Trauma™.

In the course you will learn to:

Identify Patterns of An Immune System In Trauma

The immune system absorbs trauma and starts a Biology of Trauma™. This can start early in childhood and slowly progress, often not manifesting until decades later.

Learn How To Reverse Engineer The Trauma and Autoimmune  Connection

By working with the nervous system, we can change the patterns that lead to a Biology of Trauma™, and put autoimmune conditions into remission!

Recognize Hidden But Harmful 

Autoimmune Processes

When it comes to the body, everything is connected. Go deeper into supporting your client's biology and finally resolve trauma at the root. 

Help Your Clients Move from Stuck to Thriving

The average autoimmune patient will see 6 practitioners without finding a resolution. After completing this module you will be prepared to provide needed information and support to your clients or patients.

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 Dive Deep Into the Immune System and Its Connection to the Biology of Trauma™!

In this Module We Will Cover:


The Nervous System, Trauma and the Immune System: Connections and Correlations


The Different Immune System Patterns In A Biology of Trauma™



Autoimmunity, Trauma, and Early Recognition



First Steps To Addressing An Immune System Biology of Trauma™


Advanced and Innovative Approaches To Trauma-Related Immune System Imbalances



Putting It All Together: The Healing Journey of The Immune System


Provider Course Reviews:


The Value & Cost of this Journey


The Biology of Trauma™ Certification: for practitioner and provider who are ready to improve on the current model of trauma and emotional work.

6 Chapter Topics

Each Chapter/Topic is valued at $250  (Curriculum, Lecture, and 1 Hour Live Q&A)

$250 x 6 = $1500 value

Weekly Study Groups

Focused time to study during online scheduled study groups.

$100 value

Learn From Home

This course is completely online. Learn on your own time in your own home.

Q&A with Dr. Aimie

A weekly LIVE group Q&A where Dr. Aimie will answer the questions you submit.

$250 value

Make Connections

Engage & connect with other course members online.


$100 value

Discounted 1:1 Support

You'll have the option to purchase 1 on 1 health coaching sessions at a discounted rate during your time in the module.

$150 value

Earn CME Credits

Medical providers can purchase up to 6 CME credits for this module.

On-going Access

Your access to this course continues after this module is over!  

Instant Credibility

Earn a Certificate of Completion per module that gives you credibility for addressing autoimmunity with your clients.


A Step Towards Certification

Completing this module is a step towards becoming certified as a Biology of Trauma™ Provider.

Limited Time Amazing Bonus!

Bonus #1: 

Autoimmune and Attachment Master Class Interview with Dr. Keesha Ewers, Attachment and Autoimmune Expert


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Make Progress Towards Becoming a Biology of Trauma™ Provider. 


Completing the Inflammation & Autoimmune Module is one step closer to receiving your certification and recognition as a Biology of Trauma™ Provider. 

Required 8 Modules to become a Biology of Trauma™ Provider.

Inflammation & Autoimmune Module


Attachment & Developmental Trauma Module

Genetics, Epigenetic & Oxidative Stress Module

Digestive System & Gut Health Module


Brain Health In Trauma Module

Hormones, HPA Axis, Stress & Trauma Response Module.

Energy, Overwhelm & Freeze Module


Bridge the gap for your clients by increasing your knowledge & awareness on how to discuss and treat autoimmune diseases in relation to a Biology of Trauma™. 

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Important Course Dates

If you are unable to attend the LIVE lectures a recording will be provided to you.

February 1st, Tuesday @ 4pm PST: Lecture Ch.1

February 2nd, Wednesday @ 8:30am PST: Study Group

February 2nd, Wednesday @ 5:30pm PST: Study Group

February 3rd, Thursday @ 9am PST: Lecture Ch. 2

February 5th, Saturday @ 8am PST: Q&A

February 7th, Monday @ 9am PST: Lecture Ch. 3

February 9th, Wednesday @ 8:30am PST: Study Group

February 9th, Wednesday @ 5:30pm PST: Study Group

February 10th, Thursday @ 4pm PST: Lecture Ch. 4

February 12th, Saturday @ 3pm PST: Q&A

February 14th, Monday @ 9am PST: Lecture Ch. 5

February 16th, Wednesday @ 8:30am PST: Study Group

February 16th, Wednesday @ 5:30pm PST: Study Group

February 17th, Thursday @ 4pm PST: Lecture Ch. 6

February 19th, Saturday @ 8am PST: Q&A 


Final Exams

  • February 23rd, @ 8:30am & 5:30pm PST: Implementation Meetings

  • February 25th, @ 9am & 5pm PST: Final Oral Exam


Your Biology of Trauma™ 

Instructor, Dr. Aimie Apigian

Dr. Aimie is a double Board-Certified medical physician who specializes in trauma, attachment, addictions and addressing trauma on a cellular level. She earned her medical degree at Loma Linda University and has a Masters in Biochemistry as well as a Masters in Public Health. She trained for three years as a general surgeon before changing her career path.

In addition to her medical studies, Dr. Aimie has studied with and participated in Dr. Allan Schore’s Attachment Regulation Theory Study Group. She is a highly-trained somatic experiencing practitioner, trained in NeuroAffective Touch™, Internal Family Systems (Parts Work) and the Instinctual Trauma Response Model™. She continues to attend advanced trainings in Somatic Experiencing™ with Dr. Peter Levine and acts as an editor for Somatic Experiencing International.

She is not one to sit back and talk about problems.  She is a solution-focused action taker- always looking for ways to improve our current method and accelerate the healing journey back to our best health and our best selves.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Disclaimer: This is not a course that gives you a license as a provider nor is it a health or trauma recovery coach credentialing program.  At the completion of each module, you will receive a Certification of Completion indicating you have achieved competency on that specific topic of Biology of Trauma™.  

At the completion of all 8 modules of the Certification Course, you will receive a certification as a Biology of Trauma™ Provider from Trauma Healing Accelerated. This is a certification that you will be adding to your professional work capacities.     

You are still held to the restrictions, responsibilities and privileges of your primary license and board.