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A 12-week experiential online journey to repair the roots of ADHD. It's time your dreams experience the light of day.

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What is the

Focused & Free 

12-Week Journey To Repair The Roots Of ADHD?


What you will get:

✔️ 12-week guided journey to step-by-step address the actual roots of ADHD, together
✔️ Somatic work, parts work, biology work
✔️ Assessment forms to help you identify exactly what you are currently experiencing
✔️ Learn how to identify attachment gaps that can look like ADHD symptoms
✔️ Interactive exercises and activities so your ADHD brain is not just sitting there looking at a screen the whole time
✔️ Three integration weeks at the end for sharing and working through the materials in a safe environment
✔️ Ongoing access to course materials and session recordings

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Who Is Focused & Free For?

When it comes to your ADHD symptoms, you have tried your absolute best to be more organized. You’ve bought planners and taken courses and seen medical professionals - but it feels like you just can’t get your brain to work how you want it to! It feels like you can’t fully trust your thoughts and impulses, or trust yourself to have the energy & focus available to follow through with the plans you give yourself. When it comes to streamlining your life, it just feels chaotic and inconsistent. As a result, the dreams in your heart struggle to see the light of day. You have to work harder to get things done.

The thing is, you are smart, talented and resilient! You have so many dreams, goals and plans and you have a unique perspective.

It’s time to move beyond management of symptoms. It's time for a new and revolutionary approach to repairing the roots of ADHD!

Adults with an ADHD diagnosis

We are living in a time where there is so much amazing body-science that supports a fresh approach to ADHD self-healing. There is so much we can do with these new perspectives and practical tools to support your nervous system and biology to heal at the root.

Adults with symptoms of ADHD

You don't need a diagnosis to struggle with some or all of the symptoms of ADHD. If you find yourself caught in the cycle of overcommitting and not being able to follow through, scattered thinking, or any symptoms of ADHD, this journey is for you.

Adults who struggle to focus

Whether or not you have ever considered if you have ADHD, but you just struggle to focus, this journey is for you. Learn to move beyond symptom management and cut to the root of ADHD symptoms in adults. If your dreams struggle to see the light of day and your trust is broken with yourself, it is time to repair at the root.

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No more band-aids. It's time to address ADHD at the roots.

Break the cycle of overcommitment and under-commitment. This is where our high energy results in overcommitting, which then falls apart. This leads to low energy and an inability to focus, resulting in lack of follow-through and subsequent undercommitting. This can also lead to broken trust in oneself. We will teach you how to break this cycle, and stay committed to you throughout this journey. With very experiential and practical tools, we will help you address ADHD symptoms at the roots.

What is it like to be on this 12-week journey to be focused and free?


In this journey, we will address three areas:

woman with child holding hands

Somatic Work

We will be directly working with our nervous system and learning how the nervous system is directly connected to ADHD symptoms. Learn how to provide practical daily support.

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Parts Work

Repair the trust in yourself. The only way we can repair this trust is to identify, communicate with, and work with the different parts of ourselves that show up with having ADHD symptoms or with struggling to focus.

Biology Work

We will dive into these three biology areas: biochemical imbalances (with assessments and lab work included), brain inflammation (we will also dive into how sleep relates to this), and energy (looking at the role of mitochondria and the energy aspect of the cycle of commitment).

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This journey is:

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This journey uses somatic work, parts work, and biology work. We won't have you sitting there staring at the computer the whole time. We will be taking an experiential journey together, full of interaction and activities.

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We will be giving you the tools you need to repair ADHD symptoms at the root. Get practical tools and support to live a life focused and free to live out your potential and actually accomplish things.

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We are committed to this for you.

That's why the journey is 12 weeks long. You don't have to take this journey alone. We've laid it all out for you so you can step-by-step address ADHD symptoms at the roots.

Week 1: Repair Vs Management
Week 2: Somatic - Nervous System Basics
Week 3: Pathological or Developmental?
Week 4: Attachment & Neurodevelopment and ADHD Implications
Week 5: Brain Inflammation & ADHD
Week 6: Common ADHD medication myths, challenges and alternative routes
Week 7: Involving the whole body - not just the brain in ADHD
Week 8: Learning to track your nervous system and pull yourself back from the brink of stress!
Week 9: Biology of Trauma & ADHD Symptom Overlap
Week 10: Integration weeks - Sharing, Q&A, Reflection
Week 11: Integration weeks - Sharing, Q&A, Reflection
Week 12: Integration weeks - Sharing, Q&A, Reflection

What does each week involve?

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Sample 1st Week

  1. Live Class Session and Workshop
  2. Written Chapter
  3. Recorded Guided Somatic Exercise Video
  4. Recorded Lecture Video from the LIVE Class

     *Live components are all recorded for you if you cannot attend live.

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The Value & Cost of This Journey

The cost of unaddressed ADHD symptoms has already been high! Our productivity, our sense of trust in ourselves, our relationships with others have had to pay the price.

It's time to repair the roots of ADHD.

Be a part of a community where all are working on the same thing. Where you are not alone. A community where you share experience, strength and hope.  A community where you watch and celebrate each other become truer versions of ourselves.


The Value Of Each Week Of This Journey:

Live Class Session & Workshop

(with Dr. Aimie and Shyla)

$250 value

Written Chapter


$50 value

Live Guided Somatic Exercise


$100 value

Learn From Home

This course is completely online.
Learn on your
own time in your own home.


On-going Access

Your access to this course continues after this module is over!  


Value For Each Week: $400

x 12 Weeks



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Save $2,101!

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*Includes lab testing for biochemical imbalances with DHA for U.S. and Canada-based people. For Canada based people, they will have additional shipping charges estimated to be between $100-$150

Lab Work Included

As part of the journey, you will receive lab work checking for the biochemical imbalances included in the cost. This is an incredible way to get the actual numerical markers for your biology.



*Labs in the US and Canada are included. Additional international shipping charges may apply.

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The Brain's Stress Response and Busy Brain Symptoms

A pre-recorded interview with Dr. Aimie and Dr. Romie Mushtaq

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  • What is the Stress Response
  • What Is The Busy Brain: Why Anxiety, Insomnia and ADHD Are All The Same Disease
  • The 3 Pillars of Busy Brain: Inflammation, Hormones, and Sleep


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Who Is This Journey NOT For?

This journey is not intended for children, but for adults.  

This course is not for those who think they have it all together, who feel they have nothing to learn and grow with integrating somatic work, parts work and biology support.  This is not for those who have never struggled with a challenge to focus and organize themselves or to follow through on commitments as a result of cycles of motivation and focus.

This journey is a group course and is not for those who do not like meeting and other individuals but would rather do it alone. Although we each are on our own individual journey, there is much we can learn from each other.

Live the life you were meant to live: Focused & Free

It's time to move beyond symptom management. It's time to repair ADHD symptoms at the root.

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Your Biology of Trauma™
Instructor, Dr. Aimie Apigian

Dr. Aimie is a double Board-Certified medical physician who specializes in trauma, attachment, addictions and addressing trauma on a cellular level. She earned her medical degree at Loma Linda University and has a Masters in Biochemistry as well as a Masters in Public Health. She trained for three years as a general surgeon before changing her career path.

In addition to her medical studies, Dr. Aimie has studied with and participated in Dr. Allan Schore’s Attachment Regulation Theory Study Group. She is a highly-trained somatic experiencing practitioner, trained in NeuroAffective Touch™, Internal Family Systems (Parts Work) and the Instinctual Trauma Response Model™. She continues to attend advanced trainings in Somatic Experiencing™ with Dr. Peter Levine and acts as an editor for Somatic Experiencing International.

She is not one to sit back and talk about problems.  She is a solution-focused action taker- always looking for ways to improve our current method and accelerate the healing journey back to our best health and our best selves.

Your Biology of Trauma™ Instructor, Shyla Cash

Shyla Cash is a Somatic Nervous System Expert and The Founder of The School of Embodied Healing Systems - a training school for practitioners and healing professionals across many disciplines including coaching & psychotherapy.

The School educates practitioners on the science of the nervous system and trauma healing as well as the spiritual component and how both the science and spiritual intersect on the healing journey.

Shyla‘s personal journey has informed her work in this field. She was raised and homeschooled by a mother who suffered from severe and untreated paranoid schizophrenia.

The neurodevelopmental stress of her abusive and neglectful childhood led to unresolved trauma and chronic stress that showed up as high-functioning depression, perfectionism, and other physical symptoms.

After much emotional, psychological and spiritual work, Shyla discovered the power of working with the body to resolve generational trauma, and live with a new sense of freedom, health and wholeness.

In addition to Shyla’s personal healing work and experience of over 13 years, her formal professional training includes Dr. Aimie Apigian’s Biology of Trauma Framework as well as Somatic Experiencing (Dr. Peter Levine’s pioneering work on resolving trauma at the nervous system level).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Live up to your potential: Live Focused and Free 

It's time to move beyond symptom management. It's time to repair ADHD symptoms at the root.

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Disclaimer: This course is not intended to be medical or psychological care and your membership in the course does not in any way establish a physician-patient or therapist-patient relationship between you and us.

Medical Disclosure: The information and programs presented on or through this website are made available to equip you with knowledge and tools. All the material in this course are intended for educational purposes. This information nor any programs that are offered are (nor are a substitute for) medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For any physical or mental health issues, I recommend you work with a qualified health provider who will also support your desire to address the effects of trauma.