The Essential Sequence: The Where and How To Start With Stored Trauma


Next airing on October 13, 2022!

Hosted by Dr. Aimie Apigian

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Where do we start with trauma work? Here.

Where do we even begin with trauma healing?

We hear so many things - do yoga, talk about it, look into supplements, meditate, go for a run.

While all of these things are healthy options, there is a certain step-by-step process our body needs to safely and effectively address stored trauma in the body. I want to share with you the essential sequence to safely address this stored trauma in the body.

Before I discovered this sequence, I was doing things in the wrong order, and would have flare-ups of my physical health symptoms, let alone my emotions and coping mechanisms!

Join me to learn the essential sequence you will want to walk through to address stored trauma in the body and bring you to consistent, calm aliveness, perhaps even for the first time in your life.

A deeper understanding of you, and a clear path forward. See you at the Masterclass!

The missing piece

A clearer picture of what has not been working and what has been working - and why!

Break chronic patterns

It started in childhood, and it doesn't get better with time alone!

A clear path forward

Practical tools and understanding for more joy, release, courage, and freedom from wounds.

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