Brain Chemistry & Brain Inflammation Module

Want More Tools To Help Yourself Break Free From Trauma Patterns?

Calling highly motivated individuals who are ready to "Take Charge of My Trauma™"!

Learn the biology that keeps people stuck and how to address it effectively to accelerate the healing journey from trauma.

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6 Topics, Each Includes A Written Chapter, Video Lecture and Q&A Session

Chapter Topics For The Brain Health Module: 


Brain Chemistry:

Neurotransmitters, Building Blocks & Specific Support


Brain Chemistry:

Common Biochemical Imbalances Behind Neurotransmitters: How To Assess and How To Test



Brain Chemistry:

Lab Results & Navigating Protocols and Nutritional Psychiatry Resources



Brain Inflammation:

How You Would Recognize Causes & Symptoms 


Brain Inflammation & Beyond:

Nutrients & Protocols for The Different Stages 



Brain Health:

Putting it All Together and Where and How To Start



Important Course Dates

If you are unable to attend the LIVE lectures a recording will be provided to you.

January 3rd, Monday @ 4pm PST: Lecture Ch.1

January 5th, Wednesday @ 8:30am PST: Study Group

January 5th, Wednesday @ 5pm PST: Study Group

January 6th, Thursday @ 9am PST: Lecture Ch. 2

January 8th, Saturday @ 2pm PST: Q&A

January 10th, Monday @ 9am PST: Lecture Ch. 3

January 12th, Wednesday @ 8:30am PST: Study Group

January 12th, Wednesday @ 5:30pm PST: Study Group

January 13th, Thursday @ 2pm PST: Lecture Ch. 4

January 15th, Saturday @ 4pm PST: Q&A

January 17th, Monday @ 5pm PST: Lecture Ch. 5

January 19th, Wednesday @ 8:30am PST: Study Group

January 19th, Wednesday @ 5:30pm PST: Study Group

January 20th, Thursday @ 9am PST: Lecture Ch. 6

January 22nd, Saturday @ 4pm PST: Q&A 

What Practitioners Recommend:


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Now Let's Build On The 21-Day Journey.  Gain The Knowledge and Tools To Address Your  Biology Of Trauma!


Taking The Brain Health In Trauma Module is essential for anyone with a brain who is serious about helping their body, mind and soul rise above the trauma patterns that have kept you stuck.

Bringing in the Biology of Trauma and The Brain Health Allows Us To Accelerate Your Healing Journey.  It Doesn't Have To Be This Hard.

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Who Is This Course For?

The Take Charge of My Trauma™ Course is the equivalent course for the general public who are interested in the biology piece and how to help themselves. 

- Motivated individuals who have gone through the 21 Day Journey and have a foundational intellectual and experiential understanding of the nervous system and its 3 states.

- Someone who is ready to take charge of their trauma by addressing the biology that limits their capacity for health, presence and aliveness. 

The Value & Cost of this Journey

The Biology of Trauma™ Brain Health Module is for people and providers alike who would like to gain the knowledge and tools to effectively address stored trauma in the body.  

This is the missing piece.  This Biology of Trauma course is what will allow you to not only get unstuck but accelerate your healing journey.

6 Chapter Topics

Each Chapter/Topic is valued at $250  (Curriculum, Lecture, and 1 Hour Live Q&A)

$250 x 6 = $1500 value

Weekly Study Groups

Online Scheduled Study Groups on Wednesdays’ on Zoom

$100 value

Learn From Home

This is a completely online course. Learn on your own time in your own home!


A Support System

A LIVE weekly group Q&A hosted by Dr. Aimie will be provided for every chapter.

$250 value

Make Connections

Engage & Connect With Other Course Members Online.


$100 value



Discounted 1:1 Support

Health Coaches are available for 1 on 1 support for additional fees. 

(Receive a discount price of $120 vs. $150 for a 40 minute session) 

$30 value

On-Going Access

On-going Access: Your access to this course to use as a resource continues after this Brain Health In Trauma Module is over!




Amazing Bonuses

Bonus #1: Masterclass and Guide on The Cerebellum and Its Role In Communicating Safety.

Bonus #2: A Full Interview and Live Q&A with IASIS Micro-current Neurofeedback Founder, Barry Bruder.

$97  value

Who Is This Course NOT For?

- If you are not able to keep up with reading, lectures and need 1:1 support.  You need to be able to dedicate  4-6 hours a week to go through all of the course materials.

-If you are an individual that believes you already have all the answers. This course is to learn about a piece of the Biology Of Trauma.  

- If you are here to promote yourself rather than learn from others. This program strictly prohibits self-promotion.

-If you take things personally.  You will likely experience this course as a source of stress for you and additional support outside of class is not something that is available at this time. 

Your Take Charge of My Trauma Instructor, Dr. Aimie Apigian

Dr. Aimie is a double Board-Certified medical physician who specializes in trauma, attachment, addictions and addressing trauma on a cellular level. She earned her medical degree at Loma Linda University and has a Masters in Biochemistry as well as a Masters in Public Health. She trained for three years as a general surgeon before changing her career path.

In addition to her medical studies, Dr. Aimie has studied with and participated in Dr. Allan Schore’s Attachment Regulation Theory Study Group. She is a highly-trained somatic experiencing practitioner, trained in NeuroAffective Touch™, Internal Family Systems (Parts Work) and the Instinctual Trauma Response Model™. She continues to attend advanced trainings in Somatic Experiencing™ with Dr. Peter Levine and acts as an editor for Somatic Experiencing International.

She is not one to sit back and talk about problems.  She is a solution-focused action taker- always looking for ways to improve our current method and accelerate the healing journey back to our best health and our best selves.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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