Uplevel Your Skills For Addressing Trauma In The Body!


  • Learn To "See" Trauma Patterns In The Body
  • Acquire Skills To Recognize & Address A Biology of Trauma
  • Learn Essential Functional Medicine Tools for Facilitating Trauma Work
  • Be Trained How To Neuro-Optimize For Accelerating Trauma Recovery
  • Discover Ways To Bridge Trauma Recovery & Functional Medicine
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Who Should Get Certified?

The Certification Course is for any provider/professional who wants to gain more tools and skills in effectively addressing trauma patterns in their work with others.

This includes health providers, mental health providers, health coaches, trauma recovery coaches, physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, occupational or physical therapists, or personal development and life coaches!  

The requirement really is not the type of license or work, but that you help others to achieve better health and a better life and that you want more knowledge and tools to address their underlying biology of trauma that can keep them stuck or slow down their work with you and their healing journey.

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Required 8 Modules to become a Biology Of Trauma™ Provider

These Modules can be taken in any order, as they are not sequential.

Enroll as Modules are offered and take it one step at a time.

Inflammation & Autoimmune Module


Attachment & Neurodevelopment Module

Epigenetic & Oxidative Stress Module

Digestive System & Gut Health Module

Brain Health In Trauma Module

Hormones, HPA Axis, Stress & Trauma Response Module.

Energy, Overwhelm & Freeze Module


Therapies For Different Trauma Biology Types Module


The 21 Day Journey is a Pre-Requisite & Foundational Module to start the Biology Of Trauma™ Certification Course. 

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